Remember these?

Useful stuff

Text Mode Framework - A sample demo with full sources, in C++, by mu6k.

FTW7 - Moerder's console wrapper to allow fullscreen display of textmode demos in Win7. With sources here.

ConsoleWrapper V0.1 - Same kind of wrapper as the above, made by Fragment.

TMDC Template - A simple demo template, in plain old C, integrating FMOD and LibCACA, with no other dependancies.

Sol's TextGL - An implementation of OpenGL in textmode, using TextFX.

Sol's Code - Home of TextFX, easy text mode graphics library, among other things.

AALib - The (in)famous ascii-art library (for linux), used to render quake in ascii art, for instance.

libcaca - Does pretty much the same as the above, except it supports color.

dosbox - DOS emulator (virtual machine). Works rather well.

qemu - Virtual CPU emulator, rather fast, and is able to run many old demos already.

Regular sponsors & other cool people

T:\EXTMODES\PC\> TEXT ART PRESERVATION - Tons and tons of artpacks.

Blocktronics - A very active textmode art colloective. Blocktronics - A very active textmode art colloective.

Blocktronics - A very active textmode art colloective. - Home of tAAt ry and tAAt the demogroup, the creators of TMDC.

Mindcandy DVDs - Home of Mindcandy DVDs, great compilations of demos, which spawned from the DemoDVD project.

Rusty Axe Games - Home of Rusty Axe Games, makers of Big$hot, Real E$tate Empire, Aztheca and others.

Ixchels Studios - Home of Ixchels Studios, makers of Aztlan Dreams, Wicked Defense and Wicked Defense 2.

Secret Exit - Home of Secret Exit, makers of Zen Bound and Zen bound 2.

ACiD Productions - Home of ACiD Productions, whose art packs are available as Dark Domain DVDs.

BBS Documentary - Home of BBS Documentary, an extensive look into BBSs through 3 DVDs and 8 episodes, by Jason Scott, who also did Get Lamp. - Huge demo archive