Alpha Design:Tribute The 20th pseudoannual international text mode demo competition.

At this writing the prizes are not yet finalized, but at least the winners will receive the legendary TMDC diplomas.

Up-to date prize information is listed on the TMDC site front page ( We are also always looking for sponsors. Please contact us if you want to help.


Sol & Teque: TMDC5 Invitation Entries may be posted from 2017-11-11 (11th of November) onwards.

Post your entries as early as possible.

Deadline is 2017-12-12 (12th of December).

Results will be revealed sometime in the first quater of 2018.


Dairos et al: Superkiller Web:

Any questions can be sent via E-mail.

We don't hang out much on IRC so the preferred way to answer questions is E-mail.

Submissions can be sent to:

Especially if you use E-mail: make sure we have received your demo, but do NOT resend it before we ask for it!

In any case make sure we have your contact info!


Please, *please* read all the rules! Some rules may have changed from last TMDC. (I'm in the firm belief that most people never read the rules =)

Dairos et al: Infekt


Dairos et al: Superkiller


Psikorp: 13 December


Dawning: Insane


Dairos et al: Superkiller


Dairos et al: Infekt Jury will be selected by TMDC organizers. Judging will be done on several different PCs to ensure compatibility with widest possible range of computers.

To make judging as simple as possible linux entries are not allowed at this time (either), but if you wish to contribute linux versions of your demos we will distribute those as well.